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I am Yasmeen (aka Yas) and welcome to my art website. 

A little bit about me:


I am a Scottish lass living in sunny Perth & Kinross, I have worked in the oil and gas industry, training in health and safety and quality management. I  also trained in NLP, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, as well as being a Reiki master.

after the birth of my wee one, I suffered severe post natal depression (PND). some of you may know how debilitating it can be and I tried therapy, but being a private person I found it quite difficult to convey my feelings in words. at the same time, I began teaching myself photoshop techniques off YouTube tutorials and found that it was much easier for me to describe how I felt through creating images. 


before I knew it, a tarot deck had been born - the tarot of enchanted dreams. I self published a limited edition of 100 decks which instantly sold out. a few publishers were interested in publishing the deck to the mass market, and after consideration I signed on with Schiffer books (I love the size & quality of their decks). the rest is history as they say. this deck contains a lot of me in it. it is a very feminine deck, which does not contain any images of men. this was deliberate as it was my therapy, and about me finding my femininity during the trauma of PND.

I hold a BSc (Hons) degree in biochemistry and MSc in immunopharmacology—both achieved in the UK. 


My first deck – The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams – was created in 2018, awarded a publishing contract, and was released worldwide in November 2019. A limited number of the decks were self-published and they were highly reviewed by many tarot bloggers, such as Bellben, TABI, Angelorum, etc


Other works


the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle - where I collaborated with an award winning author Ellen Valladares. 


Tarot of he Enchanted Soul, which  could  be  utilized as both a tarot and Oracle deck.

the  Lenormand of Enchantment,  released Nov 2022


Angels of healing & hope oracle deck, released Spring 2023

i am currently working on a new tarot deck, featuring animal characters called - The Westwood tarot.

I have  also contributed a card for the  well known 78 tarot deck, which is a collaboration of many artists to create an ecological themed deck


I am also  the artist on the Button Soup collaboration deck, where my entry is the 3 of swords. Details are available on the facebook page.




I was a finalist for my artwork, for the MPower, Mums in Business National Business Awards.

I was runner up in two categories of the International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards (2019) for Best Illustrator of a Tarot Deck, and Best Self Published Tarot Deck for Tarot of Enchanted Dreams.

In June 2020, I was Bronze winner for The tarot of Enchanted Dreams for the 2020 COVR Visionary Awards.

In June 2022 I won Gold in the  COVR Awards in two art pieces categories 

 - Multimedia Images

 - Home Art


Ellen and Myself also won gold, product of the year, industry choice of the year and peoples choice of the year for The Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle. 

In June 2023 I won the Gold in the COVR Visionary Awards for The Tarot of The Enchanted Soul.

Ellen and Myself Won SIlver for Angels of Healing & Hope Oracle

I won Bronze in book design for The Jewels of Kidron (Published by Satiama Publishing). 




Facebook Page:

Instagram: @Enchantedsoulart

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