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Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle

Hummingbird wisdom is as ancient as the Universe, hence the many legends and mystical tales that have been passed down by Native American civilizations for centuries. The Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle cards bring forth the gentle, yet powerful and magical guidance of the archetypal energy of the hummingbird, which ultimately teaches us to embrace the epic journey of our lives, believe all things are possible, and fully embody our divine right to a joyful, fulfilling, abundant life.


The way of the Hummingbird is a path, one of lightness and joy, and one of power and strength. These oracle cards are filled with inspiration and guidance to help you connect to your divinity, explore the seen and unseen, and embrace your unique, epic journey in this lifetime. You are meant to live a life filled with blessings, joy, and sweetness, and Hummingbird offers its magical, gentle wisdom to guide you there.

This guidance comes alive in the fun, mystical world of Hummingbird with 44 exquisitely designed cards created by the award-winning artist Yasmeen Westwood with messages and guidance channeled by author and spiritual teacher Ellen Valladares (  


a detailed guidebook with expanded messages, affirmations, and exercises to enhance and deepen your personal growth will assist you to Spread your wings and join the Hummingbird on the delightful, nectar-filled flight toward living a more conscious life filled with sweetness and joy.


Selection of Some stockists of the deck


winner of the 2022 covr visionary awards:

  • gold

  • peoples choice

  • industry choice

  • product of the year


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